Kamala Passes Out Cookies With Her Face Etched On Them And Gets Hit With Instant Bad Karma 

Kamala Harris is the most narcissistic elitist jerk on the planet.


This woman really thinks she’s something special.

Her rude Memorial Day post was a photo of her, wishing people a “happy long weekend” – nothing mentioned about our fallen heroes…Unreal…And now, we see she’s passing out cookies of her face to the press on Air Force 2.

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It’s remarkable how full of herself she is, considering how unpopular and disliked she is.

Recent polling shows that Americans do not like Kamala…and this shouldn’t come as a surprise, since she was forced out of the Dem primary because nobody wanted her or liked her.

Yet, even so, Kamala continues to shove herself down our gullets.


But the good news is, Kamala and her “likeness cookies” just got blasted with some karma. Take a look at what her cookies looked like as she passed them out.

A smeared face – could this be the best “karma sign” ever? Ha.

I can’t think of a more perfect look than Kamala’s face completely wiped out.

Here are some of the comments from folks online:

“Sure, this isn’t a cult or anything…” 

“That is absolutely the most narcissistic thing I have ever seen.”

“As a former Military Aide during the Clinton administration, I never even imagined this level of narcissism. And, all on YOUR tax dollars America! Democrats, even you can’t be cool with this.”

“Maybe she could air drop a bag of her narcissist cookies to the 3yo kids at the border she’s supposed to be in charge of.”

“The Heiress prepares”

“Disgusting and weird”

“the faceless fake VP….perfect depiction.” 

“How does no one speak up and say this is really really weird?”

“Good optics on D-Day. Men died for taxpayer funded frosted cookies to be given to the press. The Founders would be so proud of our Republic.”

“She should have handed these out during the long weekend.”

“seems a tad narcissistic”

“No face. Interesting.”

“I’m afraid to ask what’s that all over her face”

“Not normal”

“Every day is cringier than the last with these people.”

“Do you lose your soul once you eat it?”

Some people are saying a baker randomly made the cookies for Kamala and she passed them out. As if that makes this any better. Nobody thought Kamala baked them herself. It’s just the point that once again, this woman is putting herself out there like she’s some beloved political icon. She’s not, and this narcissism nauseating.


These people can’t win, no matter what they do – not even trying to share some smudged-up cookies.

The wicked shall never prosper.


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