[VIDEO] CNN Desperately Tries to Spin Yet Another Bad Jobs Report for Biden

The left is really putting in every ounce of effort to try and bolster Biden’s absolutely pathetic jobs report.

As we’ve all seen, the numbers are completely dismal, but CNN is still trying to do everything in their power to put lipstick on this gigantic pig.


During a segment while they were discussing the May jobs report, they actually echoed Biden by calling it “historic,” but then quickly followed it up by saying that the numbers are incredibly off from what economists had projected.

By about 100,000, which is absolutely massive.

So where the heck are they getting this “historic” win from?

Watch the video:

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This is just absolutely pathetic.

You’ve also gotta wonder how many of those 559,000 jobs were part of the private sector and which were government jobs.

But regardless of this pathetic report, Biden is planning to use it for — you guessed it — even more government spending.

From The Associated Press

President Joe Biden portrayed the May jobs report as a jumping off point for more spending on infrastructure and education to keep growth going — essentially an argument for his agenda. But the employment numbers issued Friday also hinted at the possible limits of how much government aid can be pumped into the world’s largest economy.

“We’re on the right track,” Biden said. “Our plan is working. And we’re not going to let up now. We’re going to continue to move on. I’m extremely optimistic.”

The May jobs report showed the complexity of restarting the economy after a pandemic shutdown and the mixed signals that can result when an unprecedented surge of government spending flows through the economy. Biden can congratulate his administration on 559,000 jobs being added and a 5.8% unemployment rate, yet the hiring was lower than what many economists expected after his $1.9 trillion relief package.


This is a move right out of the Obama playbook.

Use the government to help grow the government even larger.

Meanwhile, the middle-class is absolutely starving.

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