Chuck Schumer and Dems Just Got The Wind Knocked Out of Them…

The Dems have been hell-bent on completely transforming America into a progressive cesspool, despite the fact that most Americans don’t support this.


But that doesn’t matter to Dems. They’ll just cheat and tweak the rules in order to get their way.

And that’s what they had planned to do via the Senate Parliamentary vote, which Chuch Schumer promised would greenlight his entire agenda.

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Well, I have some good news for you…that plan just turned to dust.

According to the folks over at Red State, here’s what happened…

The Democrats were given a shot of life a few months ago, though, in the form of a parliamentarian ruling that Schumer claimed greenlit most of his agenda. I expressed skepticism at the time in an article discussing the infrastructure package.


Chuck Schumer recently claimed the Senate parliamentarian gave him free rein, yet that decision has not been made public, and there’s probably a reason for that.
Well, it appears my skepticism was warranted. In what is claimed as a “new ruling,” the parliamentarian effectively rips the heart out of the Democrat agenda.

Red State goes on to explain that reconciliation is a very narrow process, and the Byrd Rule requires that anything included in a reconciliation bill must deal with taxes and budgetary issues. You also have stipulations about deficit offsets that must be taken into account. You can not pass regularly legislative items under the guise of reconciliation.

Given that, this ruling essentially defeats HR1, the ProAct, and much of what is included in the current “infrastructure” bill. Of course, none of those bills were likely getting support from Manchin anyway, but with reconciliation off the table to get this stuff passed, Schumer is now officially out of options.


This is a huge blow for Dems and it will definitely curtail any hopes they have of shoving through their communist agenda…unless of course, someone like Mitt Romney joins Dems, which at this point, isn’t such a wild thought.

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