[VIDEO] Biden Sends His Handlers Scrambling With His Latest “Racist” Remarks

There is nobody who thinks so little of black people than Joe Biden.


He’s one of that old-school elitist, elderly wealthy white guys who grew up believing that black people are too stupid to make it on their own and that the only reason they’re successful is thanks to generous white people who help them.

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That’s actually the same mentality that the entire Democrat Party has.

They don’t think black people are scary enough to get IDs and know how to use them. They don’t think black people know how to use the internet (Joe actually said that), and they don’t think black people know how to protest, that’s why so many white liberals have commandeered BLM.


It’s the most insulting and racist mentality to have – and it’s so damaging because that type of thinking and actions is what keeps people down in society.

Remember when Joe said that “poor kids are just as “bright” as white kids.


This is that white liberal elitist attitude and mentality I was talking about. It’s everywhere in Joe Biden’s history.

And it’s in his present situation as well.

Because Joe just did it again – he is now claiming that black entrepreneurs don’t have things like “lawyers” and “accountants.”

Really Joe?


The black man I work for has a great accountant, and the black neighbor of mine who owns a moving company has a white guy as his lawyer.

This is patently false and a disgusting way to paint hard-working, perfectly capable, and smart black American business owners.

What the heck is wrong with this buffoon?

You can watch the video below:

Can you imagine how THAT comment made Joe’s handlers squirm and scramble?

It’s just like with the creepy talk he does with young girls – Biden just can’t stop himself.

Partly because he has a raging case of Alzheimer’s and doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing…and partly because that’s just who he is.

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