[VIDEO] Biden Just Can’t Stop Being a Creep Around Little Girls

There’s a reason why Biden was coined “Creepy Joe”…

This guy has about a mile-long video “rap sheet” of non-stop creepy moves, most notably with some very young girls.


And during his latest event in Tulsa, OK, Biden made a beeline for two little girls, where he stated that he “make sure the two girls got ice cream when this is over.”

Now, if anyone said this, it might be considered “cute” and “grandfatherly.”

But not Joe.

Not after his long and creepy history.

As a matter of fact, just last week he told a little girl in a crowd that she looked “19-years-old.”

His interactions with young girls are just unsettling…

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Of course, the comments from conservatives on this video were absolutely hilarious:

“Why is this man obsessed with little girls and ice cream?”

“You would think maybe at least one time he is out in public he would try not to be a pedo”

“Stop letting him near your children!!!!!”

“Literally said some weird stuff about a little girl looking 19 last week, how do y’all still not see a pattern?”

“Mans gonna forget everything except little girls and ice cream”

“I bet he just stared at them and wondered what they smelled like the whole time he was there.”

“Isn’t there some WH public relations telling him this is kinda creepy over and over?”

“The grim reaper likes ice cream…those girls are going to need counseling.”


Someone really needs to pull Biden aside and let him know that this type of behavior isn’t cute or endearing.

Although something tells us that Creepy Joe has heard this many times before.

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