Outraged Americans Fume Over Kamala’s “Memorial Day” Tweet that Heartlessly Snubs Vets

Kamala Harris juts stepped in it big time.

She infuriated Americans with her latest tweet about “enjoying” a long weekend, which as everyone knows, is Memorial Day…it’s not about having “fun.”


Ideally, it’s about remembering all the American heroes who have sacrificed everything to keep us safe.

To think that a so-called “VP” of the US, would say something so cruel and callous and disrespectful to the American people and the military, and all the vets who have fought for us, and especially those who gave the most.

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And to make matters even worse – narcissistic Kamala tweeted out a PHOTO of herself on the tweet.

I just don’t think you can get more tone-deaf and disgusting than this, folks.

Heres’ the tweet that Kamala put out:


Absolutely unacceptable on every level.

Here are some oft the comments that people had to say about this awful tweet:

“I’m going to Honor my Veteran Father this Weekend who was a Proud African American Soldier who passed away when I was a little boy, a Great Man! Wish I could say the same about your tweet.”

“Gee Kamala, did you forget what we have this long weekend?”

“It is Memorial Day weekend – nor for enjoying – but for memorializing our fallen. Our brothers and sisters, who ‘gave the last full measure of devotion’. Please try to respect that.”

“While we get the long weekend to “enjoy,” let us all please take a solemn moment to remember those courageous men and women who sacrificed *everything.*”

“I think there was a reason for the long weekend..maybe you could reference that”

“The “Long Weekend” is Memorial Day. We honor the brave men and women who gave their lives, so we could have a “Long Weekend”

“Get over yourself… How about mentioning Memorial Day and the purpose of the long weekend.”

“Congratulations on reaching the Michael Scott level of being utterly clueless.”

“And what exactly is this weekend?  
Honor that, not yourself.”

“Do you even remember this weekend isn’t about celebration?”

“It’s not about the long weekend, take this down you clown”

“Maybe a mention of WHY we have one would be expected of the Vice President of the USA!!!”

“It is Memorial Day weekend. This weekend is our time as a nation to honor our Fallen. It is our dedicated time to reflect on our war fighters, those who paid the ultimate price for our Freedom.”

“You are aware that the “Long Weekend ” is to honor those who sacrificed for our Nation.  You do know that ???”

“ Enjoy the long weekend”???? Really????”

Here’s a reminder of how a real leader behaves on Memorial Day.


If you believe these polls that claim Biden has a 61% approval rating, you probably need a brain transplant at this point.

This admin is a complete and total disaster.

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