MI GOP Just Publicly Humiliated Gretchen Whitmer With This Awesome “Veto-Proof” Move

The hits just keep coming for ol’ Gretchen Whitmer.


Following her being caught violating her own COVID-19 restrictions, she’s faced an onslaught of criticism, but what the GOP just hit her with has gotta be her worst punishment yet.

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The Michigan GOP just passed a veto-proof bill that would require the state to refund all COVID-19 related fines.

This is the ultimate payback and a total and complete humilation.

From Breitbart

By a 74-34 vote, the state House swiftly passed HB 4501, a bill brought up for consideration after Breitbart News busted Whitmer for violating her restaurant table capacity order last weekend.

“If the governor can violate her orders without any repercussions, then why should our business owners be fined,” state Rep. Steve Johnson (R) wondered.

The fines and penalties have been significantly related to Whitmer’s executive orders, later ruled unconstitutional by the Michigan Supreme Court.

The Center Square reported Whitmer’s Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity issued 96 fines totaling $259,200. There are 112 “open” cases for alleged violations with potential fines that could amount to another $364,200. Currently, 29 of those are under appeal.

Breitbart News reported Wednesday about 56 restaurants and bars punished by the Whitmer administration over her orders. Johnson cited other businesses, including home builders and office equipment providers, that have also been hit.


At this point, Whitmer has gotta know that her days as governor are numbered.

There’s not a snowball’s chance in hell that she’s going to get reelected – and I say that as someone who lives here in Michigan.

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