[VIDEO] Juan Williams Future With Fox News Just Took a Shocking Turn

Well, it looks like the days of hurling insults at your television screen will soon be coming to a close as Juan Williams just announced that he is officially leaving “The Five” on Fox News.


Juan has been filing in as the obnoxious liberal on the hit show since Bob Beckel was fired from the network in 2017 after he made racist remarks to a black IT worker.

But it appears that Juan is leaving by his own volition as he announced on the air today.

Check it out:

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Even though this seems like a peaceful departure for Juan, some can’t help but wonder if Fox News helped spur on this move due to their declining rating – even though “The Fiive” is one of their most popular shows. But lately, the anti-Juan “hate” has been very loud.

From CNN

It is rare to see a cable news host like Williams voluntarily leave a hosting job, but Williams is a unique case. He is a rare Democratic commentator in a sea of Republicans. He is not a favorite of the Fox base, to put it mildly.

On Twitter and other social platforms, conservative viewers cheered Williams’ departure and said the show would be much improved without him.

His exit comes at a time when Fox has tamped down on dissenting views by reducing the prominence of Democratic-leaning voices on the air.

Either way, conservatives are thrilled and many took to social media to celebrate Juan’s exit from the show.

“Best thing I heard all day. maybe we’ll start watching again.”

“Thank god, every time I would hear Juan talk I felt like I was losing brain cells.”

“I’m glad! I could not take any more!!”

“Good, but I worry which liberal they bring on!”

“I about broke my remote every time he started to speak…loved pushing the mute button cuz I can’t stand stupidity.”


While it’s great to see Juan finally leave “The Five,” it’s definitely concerning who they might permanently replace him with.

Hopefully, the network doesn’t dig its hole even deeper by hiring Donna Brazile as his replacement.

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