One of President Trump’s Biggest Enemies Just Got Officially Canceled

There’s nothing better than seeing a Never Trump jerk go down in a ball of flames.


And it’s been happening a lot lately.

These so-called Never Trump “Republicans” actually need Trump more than they care to admit – and ironically, they all worked so hard to shove him out, and now they’re faltering without him.

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It’s not like these people ever had a huge audience, but the left and anti-Trump “conservative” forced kept them around to push their narrative, despite the sagging ratings.

But now, the free ride is over, and these useless anchors are being cut loose, and one of the biggest to fall is one of Trump’s most vocal enemies: Joe Walsh.

And he just got the biggest career blow ever.

His unpopular, low-rated radio show has finally been canceled.


Here’s what Never Trumper Joe Walsh had to say about his radio show being canceled:

“Some bad news. Looks like I’ve lost my radio show. The network is run by a big Trumper, and he’s wanted to boot me for awhile. Looks like it finally happened. Not surprised, but I am bummed. I thought it was so important to have ONE anti-Trump conservative voice on the radio.”

Joe is trying to play off his cancelation like it was a move from a “Trumpy” boss when in actuality, nobody was listening to him.

These are some of the comments people had about Joe’s firing:

“Go to CNN where your low ratings will be star status.”

“Yes always blame it on someone else other than your show just not being very good. Victim status, sounds familiar.”

“LOL sounds like orange man bad is not a winning strategy for getting ratings”

“You lost your radio show because nobody cares what you say or think.”

“The ratings sucked and they canceled it. That is all the bean counters care about”

Joe wants to paint himself as a “poor me” victim of “cancel culture.”

That couldn’t be farther from the truth. His show sucked and there’s no audience for it.

Good riddance.

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