[VIDEO] Drive-By Shooting Caught on Camera at “George Floyd” Memorial as Reporter Discusses “Police Reform”

The area in Minneapolis known as the “Autonomous George Floyd Zone” is a crime-riddled nightmare.


As we approach the one-year anniversary of Mr. Floyd’s death, the focus has returned to the area where he was killed.

Reporters have gathered in the “George Floyd Zone” and are filing reports on “police reform.”

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The area has seen a huge spike in crime, since they kicked out police, including one murder.

And now, we can see what a crime-riddled cesspool it actually is, thanks to this live news report.

While one reporter was doing his report, a real-life drive-by shooting unfolded.


Shots rang out everywhere, and at first, the reporter didn’t realize what was happening – but after several shots, it finally dawned on him that he was in the middle of a gun battle and he ran for cover.

You can watch the video below:

Here’s another reporter from ABC covering the one-year anniversary as shots rang out.


I agree that Mr. Floyd should not have died. I have stated all along that what happened to him was wrong – and I don’t care what his criminal past was, or what drugs he was on, there was a better way to handle his arrest that day.

However, I find it to be disconcerting how Mr. Floyd is being celebrated as a hero for everyone to look up to…he held a gun to a pregnant woman’s stomach and threatened to kill her and her unborn child while his buddies robbed and ransacked her home. As a woman and a mother, I find this to be very disturbing. Again, it doesn’t mean he should have been killed, but it should disqualify him from this bizarre “Sainthood” that’s being bestowed upon him by the press and the political left.


This is where I jump off the train. I am on board with the belief that Mr. Floyd should not have died that day. I am not okay celebrating him like a “civil rights hero” or a man that should be glorified.

His death continues to divide the country and his memory is sadly surrounded by violence and destruction, as we see here. I hope that his family feels that they received some amount of justice for their loss. But I think it’s time to move on and stop trying to make Mr. Floyd into a national hero, and allow him and the country to rest in peace.

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