[VIDEO] Biden’s Michigan Trip Turns Into Another Confusing Disaster After This Clip is Released

The left has gone completely banana’s over COVID-19.

They truly see it as a “great force’ that was responsible for “taking down” Trump.


This is why now they’re worshiping everything surrounding the virus, like a religion.

Sound familiar? Yes, this is also their mentality with global warming, which as we all know they take way too far.

And during Biden’s latest trip to Michigan, he just proved yet again what absolute loon he is over these masks, despite the fact that he’s vaccinated and so is the two people standing by him in this clip.

Another confusing, bizarre, and completely unscientific message coming from “Team Biden” and the Dems.

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Here are some comments about the clip:

“Joe the cameras are looking, put your mask on”

“Optics over substance. Politicalizing this virus on day 1 was a mortal mistake that there is no coming back from.”

“that’s because he forgot he’s vaccinated”

“This man has the common sense of a 5 year old. Common sense not so common anymore!”

“He certainly didn’t show the same regard for Jimmy Carter and his wife.”

“This guy is a clown”

“Does Biden know something about the vaccine and covid that we don’t know? Why is he so scared?”

“They fill his mask with pudding to coax him into putting it on.”


This is just absolutely ridiculous.

Honestly, what kind of message does this send to the American people?

Because for most people it’s just instilling more fear and panic around this virus, which is getting really old at this point.

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