[VIDEO] Lindsey Says This One Move Proves Fauci is Just a Democrat “Political Pawn”

While appearing recently on Laura Ingraham’s Fox News show, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) called on White House Chief Medical Adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci to visit the border, adding that if he’s “not compelled to shut down this illegal immigration program, I don’t want to hear anything you’ve got to say about baseball or restaurants.”


“Well, President Biden said to the Texas Ranger[s] baseball team…you need to listen to Dr. Fauci about urging people to come to the baseball game, Opening Day,” Graham said. “Dr. Fauci, you need to go to the border. And here’s what you will see: You will see 900 people in a room built for 80. You will see people living on top of each other, a 10% positive rate, where the positive people are intermingled with everybody else, and all these illegal immigrants are dumped off in Texas and the rest of the country.”

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“So, Dr. Fauci, you need to go to the border, and if you’re not compelled to shut down this illegal immigration program, I don’t want to hear anything you’ve got to say about baseball or restaurants,” he added. “It is the biggest, in my view, COVID spreader in the world along the border, where thousands of illegal immigrants are coming to this country, positive, 10% positive rate, intermingled with each other, dropped out all over Texas and the rest of America. So, I’m not worried about the baseball game in Texas. I’m worried about illegal immigrants infecting the whole country given the policies that Biden has.”

Fauci will come out and speak at length about some backyard pool party with too many people…yet curiously, he has nothing to say about the massive “superspreaders” event on the border.


If that’s not proof he’s a fraud, I don’t know what is.

This comes after Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) also made similar comments criticizing Fauci and calling him out for his “gain of function” research.

Paul even went so far as to suggest that the entire COVID pandemic could be Fauci’s fault.


Since that outing, Fauci has been placed on the backburner by Dems.

Their little “media darling” has been sidelined, and Biden’s handlers quickly moved to essentially end the “pandemic.”

Very interesting timing, wouldn’t you say?

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