[VIDEO] By Far, This Really Was One of President Trump’s Greatest Vindications Ever…

The Biden admin is doing everything they can to rewrite history and erase President Trump.

They’re trying to paint him as this unpopular twice-impeached guy, who was defeated in shame.

All lies.


And these lies and this campaign to “erase Trump” reminded me of one of the greatest Trump “vindications” ever, and one that doesn’t get enough attention.

You’ll recall the first time Pelosi and the Dems impeached President they tried to paint President Trump as the “bad guy” for simply asking the president of Ukraine to look into possible wrongdoing by Joe Biden and his crooked family.

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After all, Joe is on video actually bragging about pulling off a major “quid pro quo” move with a Ukrainian prosecutor – so, why on earth wouldn’t he ask?

But Dems wanted to make it seem as if President Trump himself was pulling off his own “quid pro quo” move by pressuring President Zelensky into investigating Biden during that infamous “perfect” phone call between the two leaders.


It didn’t matter that Zelensky said over and over that he didn’t feel “pressured” — our propaganda media did the Dems work and made that phone call out to be something sinister.

And even though President Trump was not found guilty in the Senate, the Dems and the media still hung a cloud of suspicion over his head for years.


But now, thanks to this interview with the Ukraine President, that cloud has been completely lifted and  President Trump has his vindication.

Completely and totally.

President Zelensky made liberals cry when he said beyond any shadow of any doubt whatsoever that there was zero pressure during that call…as a matter of fact, Zelensky went so far as to say that the US media’s twisted reporting actually “offended” him

You can watch the video below:

Dems are always guilty of the things that they others of doing.


And when the story blows up in their face, like this one here, it’ll quietly just find its way into a black hole of “truth,” where Dems bury everything that doesn’t suit their narrative.

So, that’s why I wanted to bring it back up.

The fake news media won’t tell you this stuff, but I will.

President Trump has been completely and totally vindicated by the absolute truth.


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