[VIDEO] Probably One Of Trump’s Funniest Clips, This Will Make You Miss Him More…

I don’t know about you, but I miss President Trump.


And I’m not just talking about the politics – that goes without saying since our entire country is ablaze right now – actually, the entire world is a mess with Dementia Joe installed at the helm.

But what I also miss is that unique and undeniable Trump humor.

President Trump has the best sense of humor and always made us laugh with his spot-on observations.


But one thing that makes Trump so darn funny is that his humor is self-deprecating. He doesn’t take himself seriously, and he makes fun of himself, like his hair…a favorite topic for everyone, it seems.

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And that’s where this video clip comes in – Trump is describing his hair – actually comparing it to a “wet raccoon,” and his comment is absolutely hilarious.

I’m not sure where this video is from, or when – it looks like a “roast” of some kind, but when I saw it online,  I figured you’d guys would enjoy it, no matter what.

It’s not one I’ve ever seen before, but definitely one of his best.

He does drop a big F-bomb, but I think it’s still worth watching…it’s 100 percent pure Trump!

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You can watch the video below:

Word has it that President Trump is launching his social media platform, and it will be ready this summer sometime.


Let’s hope that happens because while this world is on fire, we need some more of that amazing “Trump humor.”

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