Randy Quaid Believes There’s a Plot Involving Vaccines and 2022 Midterms That’d Give Dems Big Edge

Joe Biden is doing his best to try and come off like the “COVID savior,” and it’s not working.


He’s actually trying to take credit for the COVID vaccine that Trump oversaw.

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Now, I don’t care where you stand on the vaccine, but regardless of whether you support it or not,  you can’t deny the FACT that it was President Trump’s “Operation Warp” speed that gave us the vaccine(s) in record time.

It’s absurd to suggest otherwise, yet of course, that’s exactly what cheater and plagiariser Joe Biden continues to do.

And now, we’re watching as Dems and the GOP establishment go to great lengths to push this vaccine on people…which is a hard sell for many since it hasn’t gone through years of trials and isn’t officially FDA approved.

Nobody knows what can happen five years from now in your body after taking this shot – and that’s why long drug trials are so very important.

Another reason many people are hesitant is that for most people who are relatively healthy and not obese, the COVID-19 virus has a 99.8+ survival rate.

Those are very good odds to most people and not worth the risk of a vax that hasn’t been fully vetted.

Now, I’m not saying if that is right or wrong, I’m just saying what I see a lot of people say online and in person.

Even still, politicians and government officials are going bonkers pushing the vax.

Just look at what they’re doing in Ohio.


“NEW – Ohio state will give $1 million to 5 “randomly-selected” people who get vaccinated against #COVID19, says Governor Mike DeWine (BNO)”

Now they’re holding million dollar lotteries to get people to take the vaccine? What the heck? That actually seems really bizarre and illegal…That’s taxpayer money, for crying out loud.

Well, Randy Quaid came up with a theory a couple of months ago about the vaccine and the 2022 midterms and after seeing all this craziness, he may be onto something…

Here’s what Randy Quaid said: “Dems want NO ID voting laws, but want a massive influx of un-documented – To get vaxxed you must register WITH ID- Thus, Biden cabal now “requiring/requesting” all 18 & over IDs to get vaxxed by May. Dems want to use the vaccine to figure out how many zombie voters they need for ‘22.”

It’s an interesting theory. What do you think?

Imagine the database that they can create by capturing the contact info of so many people in one quick place – many people they would otherwise not even know about.

This would be very, very powerful.

At this point, I think you’re a crazy conspiracy theorist if you don’t think “fishy” stuff is going on with this virus – too many weird things happening and so much mixed-up/changing information by so-called “experts.”


It’s like we’re living in two different countries right now.

The left side is living in a dark, virus hell-hole, while the right side is living normally. Very strange how this is all playing out, right?


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