[VIDEO]Fox News Peter Doocy Does it Again…Corners Psaki With Another Loaded Question

Peter Doocy is really becoming a huge thorn in Jen Psaki’s side.

Remember the dynamic between Jim Acosta and Sarah Sanders? Yeah, it’s like that with Doocy and Psaki but about ten times worse – and Doocy isn’t a moron.


Doocy, unlike Acosta, is actually able to ask an impactful question and often times gets Psaki backed into a corner, which is something you never saw Jim land on Sarah.

And speaking of backing into a corner, Doocy did just that during his latest exchange with Psaki where he practically had her spinning in circles with one retort.

This moment came when Doocy asked Psaki about the current predicament the Biden administration is in with the U.S. economy, which they keep hurting by pushing COVID lockdowns and high unemployment compensation.

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Psaki fumbled and stumbled to answer this but she settled on the usual lame talking points from the administration like “living wages” and illness.

Yes, we’ve been hearing these same tired excuses for months now – can’t you get some new material?

Check it out:


Psaki really needs to get some new material.

She’s just spouting out the same talking points over and over again, where at this point she’s starting to sound like a robot.

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