Expert Says Clarance Thomas is Ready to Throw Down Over Trump’s ‘Legal Case’ Against Big Tech

As you likely know by now, Facebook has stated that they will not reverse President Trump’s social media ban.

And we all know why. They can use whatever excuse they want, but we know that they want to keep Trump off social media to help make life easier for Joe Biden.


Hell, many people think they probably schemed the whole “January 6th” thing just to make that happen…can you blame them? Trust me, folks, coincidences don’t happen often…and the Dems just keep racking them up. Weird, right?

But this could actually be a good thing for President Trump. According to one expert, author Vivek Ramaswamy, President Trump has a case against Big Tech that he can take all the way to the SCOTUS.

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And, by the looks of things – Clarance Thomas is chomping at the bit to “throw down” against Big Tech.

Bizpacreview reported that Ramaswamy explained that the platform booted Trump a day after some of his supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol Building, as did other major social media companies including Facebook-owned Instagram and Twitter, all blaming his rhetoric for the assault.

Since then, Trump has launched his own non-interactive communications platform where he publishes statements amid rumors he may launch his own full-fledged social media site at some point.

Nevertheless, Ramaswamy believes the former president may have a court cause worthy of the nation’s highest legal jurisdiction.

“President Trump should take this case—not to Facebook’s sham corporate Supreme Court—he should take it to the real U.S. Supreme Court. And I actually think he has a potentially groundbreaking legal theory,” he said.
“Facts are on his side, where these companies aren’t like normal private companies. They’re effectively doing the bidding of Democrats in Congress who have threatened them with regulation and reprisal if they don’t go out and censor content that they, as Democrats, don’t want to see and they give them Section 230 immunity and go out and do it,” Ramaswamy, who has a law degree from Yale, continued.


“So, that’s a combination of a stick and a carrot that turns this private action into really state-like action that’s governed by the First Amendment,” he added.

“Clarence Thomas threw down the gauntlet and said that he was interested in hearing the case in an opinion he wrote recently. I think Trump should take it all the way to the real U.S. Supreme Court,” he reiterated.

I hope Trump does this because God knows, the Republicans won’t do anything to help him or us when it comes to this tyrannical big tech censorship.

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