[VIDEO] Joe Biden’s Brain Slows to a Crawl as He Struggles to Answer Reporters Question

Joe Biden is on a rapid decline.

Yesterday was not a good day for him.


That’s the thing about dementia – and I don’t know if Joe actually has dementia – but he has *something*…but with dementia, you have good and bad days.

I grew up with a Grandmother who had Alzheimer’s. She lived with us – and early on, when she had good days, it was almost like she was her old self again, but when she had bad days, it was a nightmare.

Joe reminds me a lot of my grandmother.

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And like I said, yesterday, he had a bad, bad day.

Joe was attempting to answer a question from a reporter. I am not exactly sure what the question was, but sadly, it doesn’t matter, because nobody could decipher what the hell Joe was even talking about.

He went so far off the rails.

He couldn’t seem to find his words and that just landed him deep in the weeds.

You can watch the video below:


Of course, Joe’s handlers will excuse this type of behavior away by telling us that it’s not dementia — it’s just that pesky “childhood” stutter of his.

Insert *eye roll* here.

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