[VIDEO] Kamala and Her Husband Share Bizarre Kiss on Runway That Raises A Lot of Eyebrows

I am sure you’ve seen all the crazy COVID mask videos of people rolling around Lowes in a giant plastic bubble, or wearing plastic face shields. It’s all so absurd and fear-driven, thanks to our irresponsible media, like CNN, who push COVID fear to get ratings and support the Dems political agenda.


Speaking of, I just came upon this one today:


I get that people want to be safe and that elderly folks and obese folks are at a high risk of having complications with COVID, but for everyone else, the chances of you dying of COVID are slim to none…and the people who are at high-risk have a responsibility to take care of themselves, with help from family and friends. It’s not your responsibility to change your life and limit your freedoms so my Mom *hopefully* won’t catch a virus.

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That’s insanity.

But that’s the message that our media and Dems are pushing, and it’s driven a lot of people right over the edge.

And it’s even worse when the virus is used as “political theatre.”

And the Biden admin is famous for that.

Here you have two people, The Resident, and his ditzy sidekick Kamala, who are both reportedly fully vaccinated, running around with two masks on, even while outside.

What kind of message does that send people? Why bother getting the vaccine if you’re still a prisoner to these godawful masks?


Well, that’s what a lot of people are wondering after watching this clip of Kamala and her husband kissing on the runway.

Both of them – who are fully vaccinated – shared a “romantic” kiss while wearing maks.

Good grief. 

You can watch the video below:

Here are some comments from people online:

“this is because they aren’t really vaccinated.” 

“Kiss with a mask on? Now that’s weird”

“i would only kiss her with a mask on too”

“Puppet show!”

“We are living in a simulation smh this is insane”



“It’s totally not for show. All science.”

“Idk how much more ridiculous it can get lmao”

This is all just “theatre” at this point and done to perpetuate the “fear” that allowed the Dems to flood the country with illegal mail-inn ballots.


2022 is coming up and we can’t have people living normally, now can we?? How on earth will the Dems win if that happens?

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