Navy Seal Rob O’Neill Didn’t Fight For His Country to Save “Weak GOP” or Defend “Biden’s America” 

A lot of people who have remained somewhat “A-political” for the past few years are finding it hard to be that way now.


The 2020 election really was a tipping point for many.

While the media, Dems, and even many in the GOP have either mocked or ignored our outrage and frustration over the 2020 sham election, we all know what really happened.

And no, it’s not a “kooky conspiracy theory.” It’s real. You don’t flood the system with millions and millions of ballots, and then shrug your shoulders and say “what? everything’s great, don’t be such a Q-kook” and walk away.

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It doesn’t work like that. We’re not mindless zombies. We can see what went on.

So, that was one way that a lot changed for many people.

Also, COVID has done a number on a lot of people. What started out as “all hands on deck” and “15 days to slow the spread,” has become a year-long reign of Democrat terror.

The virus has never felt more “politicized” than it does right now – while the liberal elites do what they want when they want, they’re ordering peasants like you and me to mask up and stay home…and the middle-class is dying as a result.

We’re watching the great globalist reset.

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And finally, we’re all witnessing the Biden admin go after Trump supporters like they’re “domestic terrorists” thanks to the January 6th melee, while BLM and Antifa burn our cities to the ground.

The New York Times and the mainstream media told us for months that Trump supporters killed a Capitol police officer by hitting him in the head with a fire extinguisher – and that’s why Joe Biden needed 25 thousand National Guard there to protect him and Congress.

That was a lie.

We just now found out that officer Sicknick died from natural causes.


Everything – from the second impeachment to the demonization of Trump supporters has been a total lie…and that has also done a number on a lot of people, as the real domestic terrorists have a chokehold on society.

And one of the people who has been most impacted by everything I’ve discussed here today is the American hero who killed Osama Bin Laden, Robert O’Neill.

And he went on quite the Twitter rant, where he unloaded on cheating/fascist Dems and the weak and useless GOP.

There are 9 tweets in total — and Rob holds nothing back, from COVID to cheating, to the Capitol insurrection lie, he hits all of it like a tactical warrior.

Robert has always been pretty “a-political” for the most part – and while you got the vibe he leaned conservative, you never saw him be overtly political.

But thanks to all the Dems lies, and the Deep State’s sinister games, that’s all changed.


The gloves are off, the red pills are swallowed, and Robert O’Neill is ready for the battle of his life.

I’m really glad that he’s on our side.

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