The Internet Numbers Don’t Lie…Here’s the Real Truth About Biden’s SOTU…

Well, this certainly is a conundrum…

Biden just hosted his first State of the Union, and to the shock and awe of many, he failed to get viewership anywhere close to what Trump would pull in and the “downvotes” outnumbered the “thumbs up” votes.

How on earth does this happen when you supposedly earned 82 million LEGAL votes?


Strange right?

Our most popular “president” in history can’t even rake in decent viewership for his FIRST SOTU or get enough “likes” online.

How odd…

Take a look at this:

Fewer people are watching the Biden speech than any of Trump’s speeches, which saw millions of live views.

Check all Youtube channels to see how many people are watching now. Check the likes and dislikes on all channels showing Biden’s speech, do it before YouTube erases the dislikes.

NBC has over 5 million subscribers and only 18K people were watching online?

How’s this one – PBS is a liberal wasteland with 2.5 million subscribers and all they could muster up was a lousy 37K for the most “popular president” in the history of this nation?

And every single screenshot shows more dislikes than likes.

Every single one.

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And it appears that people online are just as confused over these dismal views.

“Where are all his voters?”

“who’s president?”

“Yeah but they are still counting the mail in ballots:-)”

“this can’t possibly be true, he got record numbers of votes?”

“Screen capture of White House website. A whopping 1.8 thousand ppl. 😅”

“81 million voters don’t care anymore.”

“They’ll blame covid.”

“Trump could talk about paste for an hour and be more captivating.”


I’d love to see the left run mental gymnastics around this one.

But this is just another one of those things that we’re not supposed to notice.

We’re supposed to believe that there’s this sea of “quiet support” for Joe Biden…so quiet that they’ve never been seen or heard from, except for one night at the beginning of November at around 3:00 am in a few select counties in America.

Nobody believes this – nobody.

If Biden was some historically popular “president” we’d all see and hear it, everywhere we turned.

We haven’t seen anything even remotely close to that. But we have seen the complete opposite, showing Americans don’t like him, and he has nobody in his corner.

And this here is just more proof of that.

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