Sitting Down? We’ve Got the Ratings For Biden’s SOTU…Wait Until you See How Unpopular He Truly is…

Well, the ratings are in for Joe Biden’s so-called State of the Union address, and all I can say is WOW.


I mean, I thought he was unpopular and the 82 million number was “laugh out loud” funny, but now, I am just gobsmacked at his low “support.”

At this point – Biden probably got 8.2 million legal votes – that’s how bad this is.

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Last night I poked around and I saw that the views on the big channels, like NBC, PBS, CNN and ABC were really low  – but the “dislike” numbers were high – of course.

I also saw that a CNN flash poll only gave Biden a great 51% approval. At the same point in his presidency, Trump had a 57% from CNN. I mean, for crying out loud.

Then CBS game out with a rigged poll showing some absurd 85% approval for Biden’s speech — well, upon further inspection, it was revealed that they weighted it so heavy for Dems to get that number, it was absolutely ridiculous.

Everything about the “Joe Show” is a total sham.

Here are the ratings for last night’s SOTU and also Trump’s past SOTU addresses. It’s remarkable how unpopular Joe Biden truly is.

Joint Address/State Of The Union Ratings:

2017: 48 million (Trump)

2018: 46 million (Trump)

2019: 46.8 million (Trump)

2020: 37.2 million (Trump)

2021: 11.6 million (Biden)

You’re gonna tell me that a man who got a supposed 82 million votes – eclipsing both Trump and Obama, only had 11 million people tune in to his FIRST SOTU? Those are the most popular ones.

I mean, this is just getting insulting at this point – that Joe’s handlers would actually think we believe hogwash like this, is just insulting beyond belief.

Here’s what people some people said:

“This guy couldn’t get 15% of his “voters” to watch his first address?”

“82 million people “voted” for this guy…”

“They are still waiting for the mail in ratings”

“Half of that 11.6 million probably fell asleep too!”

“He was never elected! Dems cheated!”

“That puts Biden’s SOTU in Oscars territory, which had ratings of 9.85M”

“Oh but Biden definitely won lol You’ve got half the country still staying at home with nothing to do…and they didn’t tune in”

Liberals online are trying to cover for these godawful and very “revealing” numbers by saying the reason nobody watched was that now, everyone feels so happy and secure with the country that they don’t need to tune in.

Yes, that’s literally what they’re saying…In unison, almost like a “bot army.”


Which wouldn’t surprise me, since nothing about Joe and his carnival “presidency” is real.


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