Republican Rep Lauren Boebert Pulled Off Most Remarkable “Silent Protest” During Joe’s “SOTU”

Yes, it’s true…Not all heroes wear capes…some wear those tinfoil-looking blankets that are used at the border, and when they do, they make a very strong political point without saying a single word.


Yes, the border is a complete and total mess. But more than that, it’s a health and humanitarian apocalypse happening on Bumbling Joe’s watch.

And during Resident Joe’s “SOTU” speech last night, he avoided the border like he was Kamala Harris or something…

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And speaking of Kamala – did you see her on “Good Morning America,” yet again shirking her responsibility at the border?

It’s amazing how these people can even pretend to be “leaders” at this point.


Kamala was as unprepared for that GMA interview as she is for her phony “VP” job and her so-called “leadership” role at the border.

These people don’t think we remember how they whined, cried, and threw a hissy fit for 4 years over Trump’s border – that wasn’t even close to being this bad. And now, suddenly all those outraged Dems are shrugging their shoulders and saying and doing nothing.

Hypocrites, all of them. Insincere vultures, every last one of them.


They don’t think the American people notice this behavior?

Well, we do notice it, because immigration has become a “top three” voting issue in this country.

And to drive that point home, freshman Rep Lauren Boebert made a huge splash in Joe’s SOTU pool by actually wearing one of the “migrant cage blankets” that we keep seeing in all those photos of cramped cages during the speech.

Take a look:

Good for Rep Boebert.

I wish more Republicans would do stuff like this.


They’re in the minority right now, they should be thinking of clever and powerful ways to get attention for their causes and issues calling out the left with more than the same tired soundbites and “outrage” tweets.

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