Newsmax Reporter Thinks “Timing” of Rudy’s FBI Raid is Connected to John Kerry

Well, it appears that the DOJ is once again weaponized under Biden.

Their bold moves have slowly been ramping up, but today they hit a huge fever pitch when federal agents raided the home and office of President Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani.


Now, federal prosecutors rarely get search warrants on lawyers, especially those of former presidents, but in Trump’s case, they’ll make an exception.

They’ve now done this to both Michael Cohen and Giuliani.

Seems like an odd trend right?

All that was missing was CNN hiding in the bushes at 6:00 am like they did with Roger Stone’s raid.

From CNN

Federal agents executed search warrants Wednesday at the Manhattan apartment and office of Rudy Giuliani, his attorney said, advancing a criminal investigation by federal prosecutors that has been underway for more than two years.

Giuliani, who served as former President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, has been the focus of an investigation concerning his activities in Ukraine, including whether he conducted illegal lobbying for Ukrainian officials while he pursued an investigation linked to Trump’s primary political rival, President Joe Biden, CNN has reported. Giuliani hasn’t been charged and has denied wrongdoing.

It is unusual for prosecutors to execute a search warrant on a lawyer, although Manhattan federal prosecutors have done so before, most notably in recent years against another former lawyer for Trump, Michael Cohen.

On Wednesday afternoon, an attorney for Giuliani, Robert Costello, said the warrant described an investigation into possible violation of foreign lobbying laws and that it sought communications between Giuliani and people including a former columnist for The Hill, John Solomon.

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But one Newsmax reporter, Emerald Robinson, thinks this timing is very suspicious and released this eye-opening tweet on the matter, drawing attention to the recent trouble John Kerry has had with Iran and how it mysteriously coincides with Guiliani’s warrant.

Here’s what Emerald Robinson said: “It’s strange that when John Kerry gets into trouble for helping Iran, Rudy Giuliani suddenly gets raided by the Feds.”

This does seem like quite a coincidence…

It takes the media heat off Kerry and gives payback to the man who dragged crackhead Hunter Biden through the wringer.

Remember when Pelosi was busted with her hair salon during COVID…I can’t recall what “news story” suddenly came along to change the cycle and get the attention off of her, but I remember saying, “Oh, well Pelosi’s story will go away and neve be head off again…” and I was right.

Same thing with Kerry’s story – only his is much worse. What he did looks like treason.

Politics in our country is a dirty, dirty business.

We foolishly thought President Trump could “drain the swamp” by himself in a few years – little did we know back then that it’s not actually a swamp, it’s a bottomless ocean.

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