Joe Biden Delivered The Worst SOTU of All Time…Pay Attention to the “Crowd”

Biden is finally hosting his first State of the Union and needless to say, it was a dystopian, angry, un-American mess.

The number one problem was that literally no one was there and I mean NO ONE.


Now of course, the Dems will claim this is due to social distancing, but just take a look at these pictures and tell me that this isn’t taking it too far, considering they each have a good twelve-foot distance from one another, and are wearing 15 masks at once…okay, maybe just two, but you get the point.

Plus, aren’t a majority of these people fully vaccinated?

Can you feel the electricty?

And here’s a stunning comparison between this sad display and Trump’s last SOTU.

Biden’s America feels so depressing and sad.

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Speaking of social distancing, you’d think Democrats who worship masks, would know how to wear them correctly, right?

And then there’s of course these two ninnies who have supposedly been vaccinated, yet, are still wearing masks. Why? What message does this send to Amerricans?

But what was really the icing on the cake for this event was just how bored to tears everyone appeared to be.

Joe mansion looks like he’s reading a phone book.

And it looks like Kamala and Pelosi had one too many high-balls and passed out.


There’s even a shot of what appears to be Mitt Romney sleeping! Again, the electricity was palpable.

But of course, it wouldn’t be a true Biden event without his signature word slip-ups.

Here he tells us we can’t build back better until we build back better.

Wow, profound stuff, Joe.

And of course, what would a speech be without his strange bouts of anger:

This is just an absolute embarrassment.

And clearly everyone knows it as YouTube is blocking comments from the official WH stream of Biden’s SOTU.

Although people are still getting out the message out about how they truly feel about Biden and this cruddy speech.

After watching something like this, it really makes you wonder how anyone on the left can actually defend this guy.

This was a disaster from beginning to end, much like how Biden’s so-called presidency will surely pan out.

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