New Online Poll Asking “Who’s Watching Biden’s Speech Tonight” is a Total Disaster For Joe

The most popular politician in our lifetime – the guy who got a record-breaking 82 million votes – a man so popular, that he eclipsed Obama and Trump without barely leaving his basement is giving his first SOTUS address tonight…and according to a poll (of over 17 thousand people), nobody will be watching.


Here’s the question for the poll:

President Biden is set to address a joint session of Congress for the first time on Wednesday night. Will you be watching?

and as of now, with 17.382 votes cast, and only 3 hours left in the poll, here are the results:

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Yes: 8.1%

No: 83.7%

Maybe: 8.2%

EIGHT PERCENT, folks…out of 82 million Americans.

Good Lord, this seems utterly and mathematically impossible, right?

I’m starting to think this guy’s actual approval rating is in the single digits – I was giving him a rather generous “20%” before.

Everywhere we turn there are all of these little signs which keep proving that absurd “82 million” number is a complete and total joke.


Joe Biden, just like Kamala, had no support when he was running for president, and he, and she, have even less now. And if you believe otherwise, you probably have oatmeal for brains. Sorry, but that’s the hard truth.

Check out this recent poll about Kamala, and tell me how this is the ‘celebrated’ dream, team of politics. It’s not.

This whole thing is a friggen sham, and everyone knows it.


They know it. They know we know. And we know they know.

Biggest “unspoken” secret in the world, right now

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