Trump Supporter has Perfect Idea For Joe’s Upcoming SOTU….You’re Gonna Love It…

Well, it’s finally happened – Joe Biden has agreed to give a State of The Union Address…kind of.

It’s not a normal SOTU – of course, nothing about the Biden admin is “normal.”


He will be delivering his speech to a small group of people – and my guess is that it will be a helluva lot less than 2 hours…I don’t think he can stand for 20 minutes let alone 2 hours.

We’re told that Tim Scott will be delivering the rebuttal to Joe’s speech.

But one Trump supporter has a much better idea that I think we need to make happen.

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Trump supporter “Bradford” suggested someone else to deliver the rebuttal…Trump.

Can you imagine? It’d be perfect.

Here’s what Bradford said: “If Trump gives the SOTU response, he will get more viewers than the president who got 81 million votes.”

It’s probably the best idea I’ve heard in a long while.

And I’m not the only one who thinks so. Here’s what other people are saying:

“That’s a really good point. Same time on TV. Holy cow that’s genius.”

“Holy crap. He needs to do that. Perfect way to spite @LeaderMcConnell <>

“Pro Tip: he didn’t get 81million”

“How about a competing SOTU address at the same time?”

“I would give anything for him to do it at the same time.”

“Let’s be honest. I could give the SOTU response and get more views than Biden”


I like the idea of “dueling SOTU” addresses as well.

Of course, this likely would never happen, but I do have a feeling that President Trump will issue a statement after Biden’s speech.

And most of the people watching will only be doing so to see how many “blunders” he makes.

Should be interesting to also see how he discusses the disaster at the border.

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