Obama’s Former Top Aide Valerie Jarrett Just Got Lambasted For Insane Tweet on Recent Shooting

It’s a sad day when high ranking officials like Valerie Jarrett are politicizing the latest police shooting in Ohio.

Jarrett, like many others, felt compelled to give her two cents on the recent shooting involving 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant and an Ohio police officer.


In Jarrett’s tweet about the incident she claims that the officer shot Bryant “immediately,” when in reality he gave the young woman quite a few attempts to drop her weapon before he fired, which you can see in the body cam footage.

Here’s Jarret’s tweet:

Here’s the bodycam footage of the incident:

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Of course, Jarrett was absolutely lambasted for this tweet:

“She was trying to stab a girl to death with a steak knife you ridiculous lying phony”

“That officer likely saved a life. Anyone pretending they don’t see what was about to happen 👇 are doing so in the name of a political agenda, and should be ashamed of themselves.”

“You are a terrible person. Stop.”

“It’s amazing that this is a real tweet from a real person.”

“What about the life if the girls she was actively trying to stab? What should the officer have done?”

“Maybe the fact that you think a knife fight isn’t a big deal is part of the problem.”

“Did you see the video? She was about to stab another teenager. Please don’t speak until you’ve seen the video. I like you, but your statement is wrong.”

“Let’s think this through. What should he have done instead? The reason police or anyone trained with a weapon shoots for the body mass is twofold. It stops the perpetrator, it protects innocent bystanders, who may be hit by stray rounds if you aim for a smaller part of the body.”


Well, this appears to be yet another case where the left is really clinging onto any shred of politicization that they can muster.

A majority of people who actually watch the bodycam footage of this shooting will surely take a different stance on the situation than Jarrett.

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