Check Out How Pollsters Are Giving Joe These Huge Approval Numbers…

Have you heard that Joe Biden is the most popular human being in the history of the universe?


Yes, it’s true, apparently – we’re told that about 82+ million Americans eagerly and excitedly voted for him – and he’s more popular than Trump and Obama – even though we’ve never actually seen one shred of in-person or online support for him…

It’s like a “Christmas miracle.” Biden is the “Santa Claus” of the political world – his support doesn’t really exist, but we’re still told amazing stories about it, anyway.

Joe Biden never had a real rally – and we’re told that’s because his mega-bazillion supporters were being “respectful” of COVID restrictions.


Those same people didn’t seem to care about COVID when they came out to support BLM…

Sorry, but that doesn’t really add up, folks.

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Also, Joe’s online support is non-existent. Why aren’t hordes of people flooding to watch the “Great Leader” give speeches and whatnot?

There’s literally nobody watching.

If we’re expected to believe that Biden is the most popular politician in the history of the United States, surely we need some tangible proof to back that up, right? Not just a flood of illegal ballots.

So, what do the handlers do when the public starts questioning the Biden Show?

Well, they whip up some goofy polls that show Biden is the most popular president on earth, and then back those silly polls up with puff pieces written in publications like Politico:


Check out this LAUGH OUT LOUD headline: “President Biden is approaching his 100th day in office. So far, voters seem pleased, but Republicans are struggling to counter his robust policy agenda.”

It’s literally a comedy show at this point.

But the real magic is happening with the absurd and totally fake polls.


No, they’re not that ridiculous but *almost*…

The most recent phony poll comes from Pew Research – and what they did to push Biden to the “59 percent” mark is quite an impressive work of math magic.

Take a look:

“NEW: Pew Research Center poll finds President Biden’s job approval rating to be 59% The poll over-sampled Democrats by 30 points Of those surveyed, Democrats made up 65.5% and Republicans made up 34.5%”

“65.5 percent” Dems is what it takes to try and make Biden seem like a “popular” guy.

Can you imagine what his actual approval rating is?

Probably mid 20’s at best.


So, please, keep this little trick in mind when you see these goofy polls.

This is all part of the “Joe Biden” show that we’re watching unfold. None of it is real – not one bit of it.

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