Liberal Ice Cream Makers “Ben & Jerry” Try to Get Woke, But it Backfires In Their faces

Don’t you love all of these companies who are going “woke?” Trust me, they’re all gonna go broke when this is all said and done.

Americans have had it with this corporate activism. These companies will get the exact same treatment that Hollywood and sports franchises have gotten…and that’s abysmal ratings, loss of respect, and a bunch of pissed-off fans.

That’s the only place this path leads to – a sad and lonely existence spread-eagle on the altar of progressivism.

But they don’t care right now – all these hypocrites want to do is score some quick progressive brownie points. But they’re having an issue along the way.

Just look at liberal ice cream makers “Ben & Jerry’s” who tried to get super woke and ended up with egg and cream all over their faces.

The ice cream makers put out this incendiary “Defund the Police” tweet:

“The murder of #DaunteWright is rooted in white supremacy and results from the intentional criminalization of Black and Brown communities.

This system can’t be reformed.

It must be dismantled and a real system of public safety rebuilt from the ground up.


And of course, they got backlash.

“Your brains are made of soft ice cream.  You are a disgrace for “racializing” everything.  Stick to making ice cream and leave the faux-hysterics to

“I’ve never in my life seen a company deliberately eliminate 70%+ of its customers.”

“Dear aging hippies from Ben and Jerry’s (Even though you sold out to Unilever a long time ago), please stick to making overpriced super sickly ice cream, not lecturing us”

“Wow, ya’ll must have watched a totally different body cam footage than I did… Did the LEO make a mistake, hell yea, should have known what she had in her hand from the get go. But did the resisting arrest escalate the situation, hell yea too. Play stupid games win stupid prizes”

“What do you think to the Black on Black killings? I’m interested to know please.”

“Stop with this shit. Violence occurs at a greater rate within all similar communities. White people kill white people at a higher rate. Same with everyone else”

But that wasn’t the real kicker in all of this…here’s what really buried these aging hippies….Turns out Ben & Jerry called the cops on a black man who robbed their store last June.

Check it out:


Police say a Burlington man with a long rap sheet faces charges of breaking into the Ben & Jerry’s store on Church Street.

It happened around 4:30 a.m. Wednesday. Police say Ibrahim Garelnabi, 26, forced his way into the store through the locked front door. They say he bagged up several items including the cash register drawers and a safe before leaving the store on foot. When police got there, they saw Garelnabi and chased him down.

Police say Garelnabi currently has more than 10 active pending criminal cases in Chittenden County. He’s due in court Wednesday.

Very interesting that Ben and Jerry want to lecture us about “racism” when these two white guys have incarcerated a black man. And they called the cops to boot…Defund? Guess not.

How’s that for liberal elites doing what they want while ordering you to do something else.

That’s exactly how Dem elites have treated all of us throughout this entire COVID nightmare…see a pattern yet?

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