Did Trump Go Golfing With his 2024 Running Mate  Today?

It’s not even midway through 2021 and already Trump supporters are itching for details on his next presidential run.

And that had people wondering…was Trump just golfing with the next VP of the United States?

What has most people speculating is who Trump might pick to be his running mate in 2024, and one name that keeps popping up is Ron Desantis.


Which makes total sense as Desantis is absolutely killing it with his leadership in Florida and is winning over conservatives non-stop with his patriotism.

And the Trump/Desantis ticket just got even more real when Trump was spotted golfing with the Florida governor.

Check it out:

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It’s become so apparent that De Santis is seriously being considering for VP, that even the Wall Street Journal is predicting this.

From The Wall Street Journal

As Republican donors gather this weekend for a retreat in Palm Beach, Fla., a crop of potential 2024 presidential contenders will get a chance to court party bigwigs. One expected to draw particular attention is Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Mr. DeSantis has burnished his brand with a Covid-19 response that has enthused the voter base of former President Donald Trump while—in Florida, at least—also impressing the kind of moderate and suburban voters who turned away from Mr. Trump in 2020.

As the GOP looks to rebuild after losing the presidential election last year, that formula could give Mr. DeSantis an advantage over rivals who similarly are trying to forge their own path in the shadow of Mr. Trump, some analysts said.

Over the past year, Mr. DeSantis rejected the advice of most public-health experts and reopened the state’s economy early, resisted mask mandates and other restrictions, and made Florida one of the most permissive settings in the U.S. He received praise from Republicans and scathing criticism from Democrats while sparring regularly with the media—a practice that endeared him to fans and allies of Mr. Trump. Some decisions, such as requiring schools to offer in-person instruction starting last fall, proved popular across a wide political spectrum.


Well even if De Santis doesn’t get chosen as his running mate, Trump has a huge list of amazing candidates.

But we all know regardless of who he picks, Trump is going to be a force to be reckoned with in 2024.

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