[VIDEO] Greg Gutfeld is Taking Over Late-Night, Watch This Hilarious Skit Mocking CNN Reporters

Greg Gutfeld has a new show on Fox News where he takes on the late-night talk shows, and it’s already making big waves.

I mean, who’s better than Gutfeld at hitting these smug hosts where it hurts most?


Greg’s new show is killing it in the ratings and this has TDS hosts like Kimmel and Colbert looking over their shoulders.

This segment where the crew mocks the entire CNN panel is truly a sight to see.

It’s hard to tell if this is a parody of CNN or the real thing. Either way, you will love this clip so much. THIS is how late-night should be — FUNNY!

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Absolutely hilarious right?

Oh, and the media is already doing their darndest to try and bring down Gutfeld.

Of course they are –  this is standard fare for the left…anytime the right does anything to take on the left, they all circle the wagons.

Just check out this ridiculous article from USA Today, which calls the show “subversive.”

From USA Today

Greg Gutfeld is taking his Fox News Channel talk show from Saturdays to a high-profile weeknight perch, serving as a lighter, more satirical chaser for the cable network’s pugnacious opinion lineup.

In the process, “Gutfeld!,” a new name for a show that will feature some new elements, offers a more conservative alternative to the mix of late-night TV talk shows.

Libertarian-leaning Gutfeld hopes the hourlong show (Monday, 11 EDT/8 PDT) can “draft” like a cyclist off the ratings of shows hosted by Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham.

“I’m going to be living in their universe, talking about the same stuff but with different people and a different perspective and maybe a more subversive or surprising way of doing it,” Gutfeld says.

He will try to carve out his own late-night territory against hosts he says are fighting over liberal terrain. Then-President Donald Trump praised Gutfeld in a tweet last May in which he criticized Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel, now the Fox News host’s competitors.

“They share similar (political) assumptions I don’t share,” says Gutfeld, a “massive fan” of David Letterman’s NBC years who thinks Bill Maher is “doing a great job” on “cancel culture” on HBO’s “Real Time.”


The media can try to take Greg down all they want, but we know Gutfeld’s new show is going to be a smashing success because “we the people” say so.

And all these late-night liberal shows will continue to tank.

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