Ousted Former Dem Now Questions Gaetz’s Motivations For Defending Her During Staffer Infidelity Scandal

Do you remember former Dem House Representative Katie Hill? Hill left Congress in 2019 after her name was dragged through the mud due to an affair with a female campaign staffer.

Hill’s ex-husband, Kenny Heslep, didn’t help the situation as he shared intimate images of her without her consent. But that’s all old news. Republican Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz befriended hill during her allegations. She claims she feels betrayed and used as Gaetz is under investigation for having a possible relationship with a 17-year-old and more.

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Hill has jumped back into the public view on Thursday evening with an interview on MSNBC with Chris Hayes. She claims, “I never had a real relationship with Matt Gaetz, but regardless I feel betrayed by him, and I have to wonder about his motivations for defending me in the first place.”


“We became friends because we served on the same Committee and we were about the same age, and he was friendly to me when I was a new lawmaker.

But, when it really mattered – when I was feeling particularly abandoned by the people within my own Party – and when I felt just betrayed and alone and disgusted and disgusted with myself, it matters a lot that somebody stands up for you.”

Hill agrees with Republican Adam Kinzinger that Gaetz should “immediately” resign amid the allegations, even though he has claimed he’s a victim of an extortion plot. The Ethics Committee should be opening an investigation immediately, and for some reason, they haven’t.”

Do you feel Gaetz should resign or stand and fight?




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