MAGA Goes Crazy When “Big” Telegram Channel Shares 2024 “Dream Team” Image

The rumors are flying fast and furious about 2024.


Will President Trump run again? Will we even have fair elections by that time?

And if President Trump doesn’t run, who will take his place at the helm in DC?

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And while all of this talk is going on, a lot of focus has been placed on the insanely popular Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis.

Many speculate that he will be the guy leading the DC portion of the America First movement.


That’s not surprising, since DeSantis has handled the COVID situation brilliantly, and he’s made Florida feel like a “free state” in a sea of tyrannical lockdowns and Dem failures across the nation.

Florida is setting the standard for how other states should operate and they’re leading the way – and DeSantis is padding his political resume to make a run for the WH.

But would he be at the top of the ticket?

That’s what people are wondering after a meme popped up on a “Governor DeSantis” Telegram channel.

Everyone was buzzing, and dancing in the streets, thinking DeSantis posted this – but alas, this appears to be just a “fan page,” folks.

But it’s a great photo, nonetheless.

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It’s a photo of DeSantis and President Trump on Air Force One, and the caption on the pic reads “The Best is Yet To Come” with “Ron/Don 2024”

It’s hard to imagine a ticket that could beat these two, right?

The only thing that could beat that ticket is more cheating.

And speaking of that…

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The only thing we need to focus on now is election integrity. If we don’t fix what the Dems and GOP did, we’ll be screwed, and it won’t matter what “dream team” is running.

And speaking of that…President Trump recently chimed in on the GA voter integrity bill, and he’s not very impressed. He doesn’t think it goes far enough to fix the problem.

President Trump is right.

This bill doesn’t begin to go far enough to fix the mess that was made in 2020.


It’s a bandaid placed on a gushing wound, and if we want a “dream team” we need to fix this – because Dems will cheat their way to victory every single time.


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