Looks Like President Trump is About To Nuke Biden With This New Ballsy Plan

The border is a mess.


And not only did the Dems cause this mess – but they don’t even know how to properly manage the absolute chaos that’s unfolding.

In one of the dumbest PR moves I’ve ever seen – and I was a PR/marketing pro, so I’ve seen a lot of stupidity – the Biden admin decided it’d be a good idea to blame the guy who literally solved the border crisis for the problems they’ve created and are dealing with right now.

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Not only is it disingenuous, but it’s also a stupid move because nobody with any common sense actually believes this silly stuff.


So, in the end, it just makes the Dems and Bumbling Joe look more confused, clueless, and reckless.

Republicans smell political blood in the water and are going down to the border to highlight the catastrophe taking place, and that’s good.

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We need that. The American people need to see and hear what’s happening down there under the “ruling” of confussed Joe.

Ted Cruz was just down there and he filmed this video.


But if Joe and his handlers thought this was bad, it’s about to get a helluva lot worse.


Looks like President Trump has come up with an epic plan to nuke Joe…Trump is likely going to head to the border.


From Newsweek

Congressional Republicans are visiting the U.S.-Mexico border to take stock of the immigration situation for themselves, and it’s possible that former President Donald Trump could be making a trip in the future.

Immigration and border security was a staple of Trump’s campaign and presidency, and President Joe Biden worked swiftly to dismantle the policies of his predecessor. With record-high numbers of children now in border custody, Biden has faced heavy criticism for his approach to immigration, and Republicans continue to venture to the southern border as a contrast to Biden’s lack of a trip.

“I could see him doing that soon,” Jason Miller, a senior advisor to Trump, told Michael Berry on his podcast on Thursday, when discussing whether the former president could make a trip to the border. “Not immediately but I could see a trip, some point in the future here, but it is something that [former] President Trump is really concerned about.”

Trump visited the border wall during his final days in office and the reason he hasn’t gone since, according to Miller, is because he wanted to let Biden “fail on his own.” Miller added that there was a “very fine line” between criticizing someone on policies and showboating. He also said that Trump didn’t want his trip to give Biden an opportunity to downplay the situation—which Miller called an “absolute disaster”—and say that Trump was “making a scene out of this.”

It looks like President Trump has a well-crafted plan to put lyin’ Joe and his cheating team in the hot seat…this is what happens when you steal stuff that doesn’t belong to you.

And it’s fair play…


Obama and Bush (and sometimes Slick Willy) went after President Trump on a regular basis during his first four years, so they opened the door to this type of behavior by a president who has left (or been forced out of) office.

But trust me, Trump will do a much better and more savage job than they did…and the media and Dems won’t know what to do or how to handle it.

THIS stuff here is exactly why they wanted to silence President Trump. And if they think this is bad – trust me, it’s only going to get worse for them…and they deserve every single bit of it, and more.


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