Photo of What Biden Was Holding in His Hand During Presser Sparks Outrage

Joe Biden’s first official press conference at the installed “president” was a disaster.


Biden couldn’t keep his train of thought to save his life, and at one point was so unable to complete his thought that he just gave up, put his head down, sighed, and said “anyway….”

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Biden also said that he was in the Senate “120 years ago.”

Of course, liberals and the media quickly jumped to his defense and claimed that he was just joking.


He didn’t crack a smile.


Doesn’t look like a “joke” to me.

What do you think?

But, the biggest hub-bub came when photos of Biden’s press “cheat sheet” were exposed.

Biden reportedly had a handpicked group of approved reporters who were there to ask questions.

But Biden, being Biden was not even able to keep track of that small group, so he had a list of the reporters with their picture and name that he could use as a reference.

And speaking of notes, Biden came with a whole plethora of “cheat sheets.” He spent more time reading his notes than he did actually responding to questions.

Here’s Biden constantly check his “notes.”

Here are some of the comments from people about Biden’s cheat sheet:

“Liberals will still find a way to convince themselves he’s competent”

“But he got 80 million votes ….”

“He’s honestly creating more division with this game then ever”

“not very well scripted, because… when Biden was asked about his reaction to shootings in Atlanta & Colorado, he told us how many bridges needed repairs”

“He did keep looking down all the time to see who he was gonna call on..took forever also??”

“DO NOT call on Fox or Newsmax.”

“Worst than high school lol”

“Our greatest national embarrassment”

“Does anyone have a guess of how long the Dems will allow #biden to stay in office?”

Many Dems are saying that this is standard protocol for presidents to have these types of notes with photos and names etc.


I never saw President Trump with anything like his.

Regardless if that’s true or not, this just adds to Biden’s already weak, frail, and mentally incompetent behavior.


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