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Civis Americanus presented an intriguing idea today in American Thinker. The effectiveness of ‘canceling the canceler’ remains to be seen. It isn’t the craziest idea for conservatives who’ve found their voice, social media profile, or business demonetized.

While I agreed with much of what that author had to say (except for the bit about using the article to take an unnecessary swipe at BLM’s silence on specific acts of violence), I can’t help but feel that ‘canceling the canceler’ is another form of boycotting. My position on boycotting can be found on my blog. I won’t go into great detail here except to say that boycotting only works if you have a viable alternative to spend your time, money, or other resources on. Aside from that, boycotting does nothing but lock you out of the marketplace.


My recommended approach would be some form of ‘uncanceling.’ Mike Lindell is personifying this with his impending social media platform that is near launch status. Perhaps, he will show the world that #BigTech isn’t nearly as powerful as we’ve made them out to be. All I need to see from Lindell’s platform is ‘proof of concept’ to demonstrate that we can create our own viable alternatives.

Another example of ‘uncanceling’ is Dan Bongino’s selection to host the Rush Limbaugh Show. While Dan will fill the time-slot and provide his own free-speech conservatism brand, nobody can fill Rush’s shoes. I suspect Dan knows this already. Still, as one of the owners of social media platform Parler, Bongino is further proof that voices on the Right can be silenced for only so long.

The biggest issue confronting conservatives in terms of ‘uncanceling’ at this time is the wide variety of available platforms rushing to market. When I post content, I have to duplicate my content on seven different platforms. I do it because there are small (in some cases, minuscule) pockets of readers who favor one outlet over another. It makes sense. As individualists, conservatives are not the sort who only flock to a single space because it runs counterintuitive to their makeup. We are left to watch the inevitable battle between competing free-speech platforms to determine which will emerge victoriously.


In the meantime, the Left has its two major platforms in Facebook and Twitter. I admit to using Twitter because of its reach. I would prefer not to. There simply isn’t a reasonable alternative for me to dialogue with voices expressing different opinions than my own. Until one or two of the free-speech platforms emerge as the natural leader, ‘uncanceling’ will have limited success.  That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t continue down this road, though.

All we need to do as free-speech advocates are prove the concept of ‘uncanceling’ works. Building infrastructure takes time. It is labor-intensive to create something where nothing once existed. Think of the great engineering projects built in American history. Each took time and had many detractors along the way. When those projects were completed, the detractors faded into the background.

To paraphrase Civis Americanus, we must follow our customs. If the Left’s custom is to cancel us, we must ‘uncancel’ ourselves by creating or supporting free-speech platforms that allow conservative and libertarian values to continue to thrive. Simply walking away from #BigTech does nothing to keep us in the game.


If you choose to walk away from the social media oligarchs, I support your decision. If you have decided to cash in your chips, then so be it. I am an absolutist when it comes to individual rights. I support your right to make your own choices—and mistakes—even when I disagree with them. I will ask you to give ‘uncanceling’ a chance. We may be on to something here.

As always, this has been the World, According to Chris.


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