Watch: Internet Goes Wild Over “Strange Microphones” in Video of Joe Speaking to Reporters

Conspiracy theories happen when the public loses trust in institutions.


And right now, thanks to the 2020 election, where right or wrong, millions of Americans feel as if their voices were silenced, and conspiracy theories are running wild.

Now, you can argue that the 2020 election was the “safest” and most “transparent” election in the world, as many in the media have, but that won’t change the fact that a large swath of the American public believes they were duped and brushed off by state officials, courts, and the media.

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And that gives way to suspicion and conspiracies.

That brings us to a video that’s blowing up on social media right now.

It’s a clip of Joe walking up to reporters and answering a question on the border.

Folks who saw the clip, are claiming it’s not “real.” They believe this because they say the microphones in the clip don’t actually line-up properly with Joe’s body.


They say his hand goes “through” a microphone at one point, or that that microphone moves “behind him.”

You be the judge:

Here are some of the comments from people:

“Are there any other angles of this footage? There were other cameras there. It’s probably just weirdness with the lens and angle.”

“Even when you line up the second angle with the first one it does not make sense how his hand is over the grey mic in the first video.”

“Why is he on a green screen?”

“This is fake. He’s not there”

Now, I am not a video expert, so I have no idea what is going on in this video, there could be a perfectly logical explanation for what appears to look “odd” to the casual observer.

One Twitter user gave this “logical” explanation: “On closer inspection his right hand pinky bumps the foremost black mic. The grey mic looks like a smaller mic thats as close as the black 1 but it may just be an optical illusion where its actually larger and further away. ”

Sometimes things look strange on video, especially when Twitter compresses the files. They get grainy and things can look fuzzy. I’ve noticed this a lot, even on President Trump’s videos.

I found this photo, which I think looks perfectly normal:

And then this video, which I also think is “normal”:

Who knows what’s going on, but I will say this much…Had the government and the media handled people’s suspicions and concerns in a more proactive way, we may not be in this mess. Instead of addressing how people felt with compassion and sincerity, the media brushed everyone who had concerns off as “insurrectionists” or “Qanon.”

When that happens, people are left to their own devices and they come up with their own conclusions.


It’s human nature.

After all, that’s exactly what the left did for 4 years with the Russia collusion story. Only, the media was part of it, they peddled the conspiracy theory that President Trump was a “Russian asset” for years, with no actual proof, and they were never held accountable.


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