Who Wore it Better? Melania or Hillary? You be The Judge…

I was looking around the internet, and was perusing one of my favorite sites, “Citizen Free Press” and they shared a 2017 tweet that caught my eye.


I had never seen it before (and I thought I had seen everything!) and it was so good, I thought I’d share it with you – mainly because I miss our former first lady so much and this was a nice reminder of better times.

The tweet is from Pardes Seleh, who is an Iranian-American independent journalist and vlogger.

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She posted side-by-side pictures of Melania and Hillary. Melania is in a gorgeous “kimona-style” dress and Hillary is wearing an embroiled housecoat, with the question, “Who wore it best.”

It’s obvious who did, for crying out loud, but honestly, isn’t that one of the most beautiful pictures of Melania you’ve ever seen?


Here are some of the comments about the photos:

“Melania moves with such grace.”

It’s not about someone’s body. It’s about one of these woman is a devil with an ugly black heart, the other happens to be drop dead gorgeous with a perfect bod”

“What a difference, goodness!”

“Beautiful Melania of course!  Great sense of humor comparing her to the despised squat old hag wearing her sofa’s upholstery. “

“she’s so freakin’ beautiful!”

“Well who do you think? Killary..just kidding..lol”

“DAMN…she’s stunning…how high are those heels…jeez”

“Sort of like comparing a thoroughbred to a mule.”

“Melania could make a burlap sack look good. Hillary looks like a burlap sack.”

“Super model vs the walking dead?”

‘Melania,. But in fairness, she’s 40 years younger and speaks 5 languages fluently… Not just English with a bad southern accent when politically expedient.”

“I’m confused by the comparison. Melania is wearing an elegant Asian inspired couture gown & Hillary’s in a bath robe.”

Those were great comments, and good for a chuckle.


We were so blessed to have such a graceful and elegant first lady like Melania.

She’s one in a million, and I miss her every day, and I know you do too.

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