Ready To Have Your Opinions Shared? We’re Looking For A Few Virtual Interns! is now accepting intern applications for the Spring 2021 semester, beginning in April/May timeframe.

What are we looking for? We want someone that is a current college or graduate student looking for hands-on writing and research experience at a news and politics site, gaining crucial experience in the process.

Originally founded in 2012 as, the original direction was to assassinate liberal lies with documented facts. Still, over the years, we’ve joined the category of trying to expose both sides to keep the American population informed, which is the only way you can make a smart decision. Over the past 10 years now, we’ve become one of the top leading news hubs for politics, media, and entertainment opinions.

We are currently looking for individuals who do not need to be micro-managed and can move the needed with hard work and get out stories fast and accurately. We are also looking for candidates familiar with our site and its style and tone and have a voice. We tend to be center-right, but that is not a requirement. If you have an argument that you believe in and are strong enough to deal with the responses that may come, we want you.

As an intern, we want you to gain vital experience working for a digital media outlet that averages 5-8 “organic” million pageviews a month. You will have the chance to contribute to stories for our site that millions of people will see, so English, Journalism, or Political Science degrees are especially encouraged to apply. You will be tasked to use journalistic integrity while being innovative in how you deliver your material.

We accept candidates who can work from wherever — this internship will be fully virtual and hopefully a learning experience.

To Apply: Please attach all of the following documents to your application email to [email protected]:

1) A resume or CV.

2) A cover letter briefly outlining why your experience, knowledge, and personality make you the ideal intern for our website.

3) A writing sample from anything you’ve worked on relating to news, politics, or media. It could be an article for a school paper or a piece you’ve written for a personal blog, as long as it demonstrates your strength as a writer and the type of topic you like writing about. We do cover a wide range of topics!

Your last question is probably, “what is the pay?” These positions are not paid as we need to see if your style can fit and how successful you mesh with making us better. In short, if things work out and you are seen as a perfect fit, after a period of time, a determination will be made to bring you on with pay; that is our word.


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