OP-ED: Why Am I Just Hearing Antifa Set Fire To Portland Court Building With People Inside?

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During the summer of 2020, Antifa Rioters gathered to attack Portland buildings, including the federal courthouse and the media, which looked the other way. If it were not for online social media accounts documenting the situation, many would not even know what was going on.

Antifa rioters also marched on weak and feckless Mayor Ted Wheeler’s home during the 120 consecutive days of unrest. The rioting hasn’t stopped, and last week’s actions only show how things are getting worse, and guess what, the Biden Administration isn’t doing anything about it.


If there is one thing, we know for sure. Democrats know how to set fires with people on the inside and look the other way.

[NEWSBUSTERS] – On Friday morning, all three broadcast networks ignored left-wing Antifa rioters committing violence yet again in Portland, Oregon. After federal officials took down barriers surrounding the Mark O. Hatfield federal courthouse, put up last July due to nightly attacks on the building, Antifa responded violently on Thursday as they broke windows and set multiple fires to the building while assaulting law enforcement.

Demonstrators apparently carried signs with violent messages such as, “End America,” and yelled “F**k the United States.” According to local news reports, this violence was in support for Black Lives Matter movement as well. But not a peep about the violent attack on a federal building was heard on ABC, NBC or CBS’s morning shows.

Notice the silence of the Democratic party. The Democrat Party is the party of White Supremacists. It was they who the Klan was, and the Klan hated the blacks and went after the Catholics and Jews. Not much has changed with the democrats since those days. They still hate the Catholics and Jews. They also wrote the Jim Crow laws. They were and still are the White Supremacists. Remember President Biden said that blacks did not know how to use the Internet.


The Democrats and their propaganda wing are known as the media, call this mostly a peaceful protest. They go on and on about what happened on Jan. 6th. On Jan. 6th, one unarmed lady was shot to death by a Capitol Police Officer that is now being covered up. The Police Officer who died, his cause of death, was lied about by the democrat party. What we see happening in Seattle and Portland, the democrat party really doesn’t care.

They also don’t care about a Federal Court Building being set on fire occupied by people. According to the Democratic Congresspeople and Senators, only their lives are important, and the hell with the American Citizens in these communities. That is why the Capitol is surrounded by fences and patrolled by thousands of Federal Troops.

ANTIFA and BLM are a part of the democrat enforcement crews, and they will soon bite the hand that feeds them, the democrat party.

Oh wait, I forgot. New Attorney General Merrick Garland was asked if this was terrorism during his confirmation hearings; his answer should shock you to death.

Garland said, during his hearing, that he would consider the storming of an empty federal building at night, not a federal crime but storming the Capitol during the day with people in it was. Well, here’s Antifa fire-bombing a federal courthouse during the day with people in it. I don’t expect him to do anything.


I’m so sick of these people, and we all know that not one thing will happen to them. I hate what is happening in our country, all this lawlessness. I hope the Supreme Court justices who allowed the election fraud to go unchecked have nightmares every night.

Am I wrong to think that Portland is a lost cause until the people living there get their crap together, just let things play out there, and clean up whatever damage happens? If the citizens want it gone, they will find a way to get rid of this problem.


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