[VIDEO] GOP Caught With Their Pants Down Yet Again, As Pelosi Makes Another Big Bold Move

The 2020 election left millions of Americans scratching their heads in disbelief.


And you can’t even talk about it online without being labeled a “Q Kook” or silenced completely.

And one reason that happening is that the right didn’t fight back.

They didn’t push hard, they buckled to the verbal insults and “kook” junk the left flung at them.

They got scared when Sidney Powell said outlandish stuff about “Krakens” and voting machines etc.

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Instead of ignoring that (if they couldn’t handle it) they just quivered and caved completely.

That’s the difference between the left and right – the left will let their kooks say whatever crazy stuff they want and they’re not the least bit phased by it.

The right can’t do that.

They get scared and worried that they’ll be called names, so they join the left in condemning our “kooks” in hopes that they’ll look “sane” and “reasonable.

Meanwhile, as all of this is going on, the left-wing kooks are taking over the entire country with no problem whatsoever and hardly any resistance at all.

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And now, Nancy Pelosi is working her buns off to unseat an Iowa Republican House Rep, who won her race…that’s right, suddenly, election results matter to the left.

The left will fight for what they want, and they don’t care if you call them a “hypocrite,” or any other name for that matter. That stuff rolls right of their commie backs. All they want to do is WIN.

Let me show you an example of how weak the right actually is.

I like Jim Jordan, don’t get me wrong, but this tweet is a perfect example of the loser GOP mentality.

Here’s what Jim said: “Speaker Pelosi says she’s open to unseating Republican Congresswoman Miller-Meeks. Translation: You’re only allowed to object to an election if you’re a Democrat.”

No, Jim, you’re wrong.

The GOP was absolutely allowed to fight against the 2020 election — you just didn’t want to, or you were too scared to do it…but you could have. You could have changed everything if all of you came together. But you didn’t…and that’s on you.


Now, Pelosi is gearing up to steal a seat back for the left – so much stealing going on lately, right? And the vast majority of the GOP is doing absolutely nothing about it except maybe sending out an angry or whiny tweet now and then. That’s what they’re really good at.

Listen to Pelosi speak on this during an appearance on ABC’s “This Week.”

You can watch the video below:

If the GOP doesn’t learn a lesson from this and actually get into the political ring and fight bare-knuckles against these commies, then they need to go…and yes, that even means the ones we like.


We can’t ever let a repeat of 2020 happen again – and we have to come to the realization that it was just as much the fault of the right, as it was the lefts.


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