[VIDEO] Father Imprisoned While Trying To Stop Doctors From Changing The Gender Of His Daughter –

The incident is horrible!

Rob Hoogland is the father of a 14-year-old girl from Surrey, British Columbia. Currently, he struggles with the most challenging period of his life. He needs to save his daughter, resulting from that battle, Rod ended imprisoned.

The medical community and the Canadian courts took his daughter from him. Then, her daughter was a seven grader when she decided to change her gender into a male. According to Rob, a girl of 14 years isn’t mature enough for such a tough decision. Contrary to his opinion, the doctors, school officials, and Supreme Court didn’t think so.

Also, the court ordered Rob must refer to his daughter as ‘‘him’’, otherwise he would face legal action.

Below you can read the report from 100 Percent Fed Up.

The Rair Foundation explains – Hoogland noticed changes in his daughter around sixth grade when she started to act more like a tomboy. She was hanging out more and more with boys around the same age and was getting into a little trouble. Hoogland sent her to a school counselor in hopes that some of that behavior would be remedied.

According to Hoogland’s original court application (which has since been pulled from the internet), his daughter began to identify as male after having seen the pro-transgender video “Handsome and Majestic” while at school.

Hoogland’s daughter expressed to her father that she would be appearing in the yearbook for seventh grade under the name of a male, and not her own name. Hoogland was angered that the school would go along with the delusion and expressed his concerns at the time. To his shock, it was later revealed in a court affidavit that the school counselor had arranged the change be made in the yearbook and in numerous meetings with the child. It was the school that began to pressure her to transition into a male. The child’s parents were not made aware of the changes per British Columbia’s Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) policy. The school further accommodated the child by referring to her by this new male name and allowing the child to now use the bathroom designated for males.”

We also have the video. You can see it below.

For every father, this is a terrible situation.

Can you believe that doctors, school, and a court order you how to call your child and cut your parental rights off?

ARTICLE SOURCE : americanconservatives.today

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