Did This Shocking Decision By Dem Gov Spark US COVID Outbreak? And No, It’s Not Cuomo or Whitmer

There’s a great deal of scrutiny right now over Democrat governors and their “nursing home” scandals.


The biggest magnifying glass is on New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo, and some eyeballs are starting to look at Michigan’s Governor Whitmer as well — she’s actually in some very big trouble.

But overall, Americans want to know why these governors placed COVID-sick people into vulnerable nursing homes, which obviously resulted in tens of thousands of deaths.

Here’s the quick skinny on the nursing home scandals and generally how they worked:

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Several Dem governors instructed nursing homes to take-in COVID patients after they were being discharged from the hospital. These nursing homes were taking-in patients that no longer needed “acute care.” The supposed goal of this program was to transition patients to “alternative settings.”

But you have to wonder what the heck these Dem governors were thinking by stuffing highly-contagious people into a place with vulnerable elderly people.

Those elderly Americans were basically “sitting ducks.”

This is what Cuomo and Whitmer are being scrutinized for.

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But there’s another Dem governor who’s been flying under the radar on this very topic, and now, some are wondering if his actions actually caused the US outbreak.

Washington State Governor Jay Inslee is in the hot seat.

From Town Hall

On March 30, 2020, Inslee issued a proclamation deeming it “necessary to immediately waive and suspend portions of licensing statutes and rules relating to health care facilities” throughout the state. He also moved to “immediately waive and suspend portions of the licensing and administrative statutes relating to health care facilities to remove barriers to adding health care facilities and beds to meet the demands of the COVID-19 response.”

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What’s amazing is Inslee and his team at DOH saw the outbreak at Life Care and still asked nursing homes to take in COVID-positive patients. The Seattle Times says these decisions contributed to roughly half of the state’s 5,000 coronavirus-related deaths to the nursing home policy because “nearly 200 nursing homes” had “at least one outbreak.” Some had multiple outbreaks. Very few long-term care facilities in the state have gone without any COVID infections. But in King County, where Seattle is located, “455 people connected to nursing homes have died, account for a third of the county’s total deaths.”

While New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) deserves scrutiny, especially because he oversees the largest metropolitan city in America – NYC – scrutiny also needs to be given to Gov. Jay Inslee. Washingtonians deserve to know just how deep this runs. Americans deserve to know how this outbreak impacted the rest of the nation, especially since Life Care was where this all started for the United States. And Inslee needs to be held personally accountable for every single one of these deaths.

“Our primary strategy to create capacity in acute care hospitals is working with participating patients and families to transition to nursing homes,” a March 20, 2020 memo stated. “Once in the nursing home, Home and Community Services staff will work the eligible individual and their family to transition to a permanent home and community-based setting of their choice.”

In exchange for taking in those patients, nursing home facilities would receive an additional $100 Medicare add-on for up to six months, The Post Millennial. That funding was part of two Medicaid waivers the state filed.

The state will be requesting enhanced Medicaid match through an 1115 Waiver and eligibility and procedural flexibility through an 1135 Waiver. The 1115 waiver would provide enhanced federal funding for local health jurisdictions and services and to create capacity by expanding patient discharge from hospitals. Additionally, it would be used to pay outside vendor rates and/or cover overtime wages for health care personnel. The 1135 waiver would provide flexibility by allowing individuals to self-attest eligibility, waive CMS face-to-face requirements, increase eligibility levels for specific categories within geographic regions, extend redetermination timelines for current enrollees, suspend CHIP premium payment requirements, and other procedural requirements. We ask that both waivers be approved.

But as the Town Hall piece goes on to say…there’s a “kicker” in this story that has people wondering, if Inslee is responsible for the outbreak.

Here’s the kicker: that directive was made roughly one month after the Life Care Center in Kirkland, Washington saw a massive coronavirus outbreak. The Life Care outbreak was dubbed America’s “epicenter” for the Wuhan coronavirus, which officially began on Feb. 19, 2020.

The Life Care Center had two outbreaks, with a total of 156 confirmed COVID cases in its facility, with 101 being residents and the other 55 being staff members, KING-TV reported. The nursing home facility amassed “46 deaths between residents, staff, and visitors.”

On March 24, 2020,  a little more than a month after the Life Care outbreak, the Department of Health issued guidelines for how nursing home patients should be accepted into nursing homes.

“Long-term care facilities should admit residents with COVID-19 who are no longer acutely ill back to their long-care residence,” the guidelines stated. “The decision to admit should be based on clinical care needs rather than the need for transmission-based precautions.”

At this time, testing was scarce, so nursing homes were ordered to accept patients 7-days after the onset of their symptoms and “72 hours since resolution of fever without antipyretics and symptoms proving.”

But on March 30, 2020, Governor Inslee issued a proclamation saying it was “necessary to immediately waive and suspend portions of licensing statutes and rules relating to health care facilities” throughout the state of Washington.

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In addition, Inslee moved to “immediately waive and suspend portions of the licensing and administrative statutes relating to health care facilities to remove barriers to adding health care facilities and beds to meet the demands of the COVID-19 response.”

He was just hell-bent on flooding these nursing homes with sick people. Why?

And the most amazing part of all of this is that Inslee and his team at DOH literally saw the outbreak at Life Care happening in real-time and still kept ordering nursing homes to take in COVID-positive patients.

In a civilized country, this would be called a “mass murderer plot.”

The Town Hall piece says “The Seattle Times” declared the decisions made by Inslee contributed to about half of the state’s 5,000 coronavirus-related deaths and are directly tied to the nursing home policy.

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There you have it – is this yet another Dem governor killing his citizens?

“The Seattle Times” goes on to say that 200 nursing homes had at least one outbreak – and some nursing homes had multiple outbreaks.

But they just kept packing them with sick people…


The question now is this: Why did Governor Inslee create these outbreak situations and then WATCH as  COVID spread like wildfire in these nursing homes. And instead of stopping the program, he doubled down.

His little neck of the woods was the start of the outbreaks…and by all accounts, it looks like he literally CREATED them.

Why would a governor do this to his people? Did Inslee create the perfect storm that resulted in the massive US outbreak?

We need answers immediately from Inslee and all of these Dem governors who did this to elderly Americans.


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