Another Woman Is A Possible Candidate For President? Go Candace! –

We are hearing about many women thinking to run for President in the upcoming elections expected to occur in 2024.

Candace Owens, the famous author, and political commentators just hit the public with the news, while she was a guest on Newsmax TV with Greg Kelly. They discussed the cancel culture movement the Leftists are obviously pushing against the American society.

And guess what?!

Even Greg Kelly was excited about the possible run!

Here are her exact words, as well as the whole interview down below.

Candace Owens: “I think the Democrats are playing a really nasty game. We all saw that. They’re no longer playing by any rules. And when you start having debates and the only questions that are ever asked are race-baiting questions pertaining to Breonna Taylor and George Floyd and race issues they’re basically setting up a future where meritocracy no longer exists… you know I love this country. I’ve spent the last year immersed in deeper study in terms of economics and American history inside and out and world history, as well. And I spent a lot of time with a tutor. And I’m taking this very seriously.”

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