How Did Traitor Harry Didn’t See This One Coming?! –

It’s true what they say – that love makes you blind. And it blinded Harry to see what’s coming when the whole world already knew…

I really don’t know under what kind of mafic spell he might be under when he agreed to be a part of the Oprah interview along with his “beloved wifey.” But that made huge problems for the once-beloved and reputed prince of England. His countryman no longer want to see his face, nor read and hear his name!

Apparently, the former royal sweethearts are about to taste the “Oprah Effect” but in a bad way – since their popularity and reputation are falling down BIG WAY!

Since, he had the prudence to turn the back on his family – and complain about him being cut off financially?!! Especially in the middle of the global COVID 19 crisis…. And – when his worth is estimated to around $50 million?!

Now that’s just cruel and unrespectable to the public…

After the announcement and the public accusations of racism in the Palace, the couple’s ratings have increased – but if they thought they would become even more popular being guests at Oprah’s and spilling it all out – they were definitely wrong.

According to the poll, the English viewers didn’t like that AT ALL, making Meghan lose 13 points in 10 days, and Prince Harry have a negative result for the first time since the poll was created.

While the “smart couple” being Prince William and his wife Kate are still very popular and reputed in the royal family and among the public, his brother is not following his “smart footsteps.”Obviously…

And the most unpopular royal still remains Prince Andrew, with an embarrassing 82 percent negative view.


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