Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Relationship with His Assistant, Melissa DeRosa, May Be More than What It Appears –

We have breaking news on the Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo. 

Today the Daily Mail shared pictures of the Governor of New York with his Assistant Melissa DeRosa from 2016.  The Daily Mail reports:

New York’s embattled governor Andrew Cuomo‘s women issue may have gotten worse today when pictures emerged of him appearing to get cozy with his closest aide – the woman who admitted his administration had downplayed the number of nursing home COVID deaths – less than two weeks after she got married.

He was quite brazen about it. It was all in public view in a restaurant,’ said an eyewitness who snapped pictures of Andrew Cuomo and Melissa DeRosa as they finished dinner in New York City in 2016. has now obtained those pictures.

The new photos may pile further pressure on the governor who has been accused of sexual harassment by two women over the past week.

The Daily Mail then provided photos of this meeting.  One picture is above.  Below is a second picture.

The Daily Mail reports that the meeting noted above occurred only 12 days after DeRosa’s marriage to her current husband, Mathew Wing, the former Cuomo spokesperson who now works for Uber in the same capacity.  Wing’s mother is the current US Attorney running the Justice Department’s Southern District of New York.   As we noted DeRosa is very connected and perhaps the most powerful non elected person in the state:

According to the Daily Mail, DeRosa claims no wrongdoing but her family benefitted immensely from Cuomo’s COVID policy in the state as we reported again this morning:

DeRosa shared with the Daily Mail:

DeRosa said in a statement to, ‘There have been misogynistic rumors in Albany and in government for years but I never thought I’d have to respond to them in the press. The Governor and I have never had an intimate relationship. The Governor and I have been close friends and colleagues for over ten years – we’ve had countless meals together and suggestions or innuendo around that is inappropriate, offensive and wrong.’

We have some information on this relationship as well.  Stay tuned.


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