Biden Advises Americas! Be Good If You Want To Have Some Freedom On July 4! –

After Biden’s first press address yesterday, Americans realized that if they are good enough, he will allow them some freedom on July 4.

As an older person speaking to their grandchildren, Biden said:
“If you are all good boys and girls, we can have a few freedoms back on July 4,”
“It’ll be a nice treat for doing such a good job listening. Who’s a good boy? You are, Americans!”

Among the freedoms that Biden would allow to the American citizens are: the ability to gather in small groups of 3 members, eating barbecued food covered in hand sanitizer. The funnies allowance is that we can shout “FREEDOM!” as long it’s quieter than our speaking frequencies, and don’t forget the masks.

Also, the government will provide fireworks that will not share too much joy, celebration, and freedom. Waving flags will be allowed, as long as they aren’t American.

We are all excited that On July 4 stands the possibility of celebration with some limited freedom. One man said, “Thanks, government.”

Another citizen said: “I’m going to do my best to follow the rules so that maybe the government will let me have some very limited liberties this year!”

After all, “That’s What Independence Day is all about!”


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