OP-ED: The $1.9 Trillion Spending Bill Is Only A Taste Of What’s Coming

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There isn’t much that politicians won’t attempt to destroy these days.

Both parties are awful, but Democrats have devolved their public policy to depths that even Dante didn’t foresee. All of this makes this Reagan Republican terribly sad. We are letting these politicians and their woke progressives rot the nation from within.

Let’s be clear about something with this new monstrous deficit spending. Contrary to what some folks mistakenly complain about, Trump’s tax reductions did not result in more income inequality; actually, the opposite.  They momentarily brought us a lower unemployment rate and higher wages–the latter for the first time in many years for America’s workers.


To the extent income inequality has been increasing (and really it’s wealth inequality that should be concerning), it’s the result of an ever-globalized economy, automation, and rapid technological advances that have held down wages and displaced workers. Increasing taxes or spending more on welfare will not increase employment or worker productivity. And make no mistake, we will not grow our economy or wages without increased worker productivity. We can grow handouts with government funding, but not productivity in the mid to long-term.

This is what’s so troubling about the new $2 trillion. It does little for future growth. How can GOP’s economic thought debate against free money for everybody? It is only when the negative consequences arise that this debate can be forthcoming.

Dems are running up the score, and why should they stop? Media, big business, schools, unions, and the usual suspects are egging them on. When consequences of their actions hit, and chickens come home to roost, Dems will blame Bush, Trump, racism, recalcitrant Republicans, etc. Hand it to Dems; they stick together; when Rs had the trifecta, they began bickering and got some things done, but ultimately faded.

Trump wasn’t everyone’s favorite, but who else would have had the energy to beat Hillary?


Maybe lightning will strike, some new (or old) faces will find a message and rhythm and get the public’s attention. Whoever that is will have to fight through lies, distraction, easy money for votes, and other obstacles.

It is not an exaggeration to say that the United States of America is gone as we knew it. It will only come back if we are faced with a catastrophe that greatly exceeds this pandemic and that breaks us and so forces us against our will to come together.

The democrats manipulated the primaries, so they supposed moderate Biden would be the candidate. They were afraid of Bernie. What did the country get that thought they were voting for a moderate Biden but a progressive Bernie and his ilk running the country. Obviously, Biden’s inability to have a press conference answers questions as he is wandering like a lost soul in a hardware store that he does not have.


Since moving into the White House, it has further disoriented him, and Bernie/Harris is free to turn this country into a welfare state. Wow, the more kids, the more money.

Right now, everything looks great for the democrats. People are getting checks; the stock market is still high, and people are getting vaccinated. And pretty soon we can all start going to ball games and concerts. But wait:  How will the democrats look when inflation destroys everything and the stock market tanks? It won’t be pretty.

For me, everything is going as planned.  Let the leftist agenda keep being implemented, and all America, we’ll see if the country is better off or not.  If, as I suspect, the country is worse off in 2022 and, more importantly, in 2024, there will be a Red wave.



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