The Classiest Burnout Lady Statement Of The Century – Should Be Written In History Books –

Meghan tried to mess with the queen on “a soap Oprah” interview?! Uh… below the Royalty waist.

After the shameless move she did, Queen Elizabeth decided to end her silence and give a statement regarding the accusations Meghan openly put against them. The Queen stated that the “whole family is saddened” to hear that Meghan Markle and her husband Prince Harry had a “challenging few years.” And regarding the racism allegations, the Queen explained she found the “concerning”, as well as that those kinds of things should be “addressed by the family privately.” She also said that Meghan, Harry, and their son Archie will “always be much-loved family members.”


Your class and style are killing me, and Markle is probably dying in vain.

Charles Anson, the former Press Secretary of Her Majesty The Queen spoke about the interview with a reporter from Sky News, “I think these developments are difficult to deal with and she wants to do it in a fair way but in the family circle rather than by public diplomacy.”

He continued, “I think the main point there has always been that the Queen has said whatever decision Prince Harry and Meghan take… Her Majesty and the Family wish them well. And on a personal basis, they will be always much-loved members of the family and will no doubt join in family occasions despite these troubles, which one hopes will be alleviated over time.”

Many believe Meghan is playing Harry and his whole family, and with each next move, she’s proving that as an actress, she plays a very trained role, in a very specifically planned game…


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